KONRAD Forsttechnik GmbH

Quality from one source

Where it says KONRAD on the outside, there is also KONRAD on the inside.







1. Idea/customer request

/ feedback
For us, quality begins with the consultation!
Both our employees and our worldwide partners are continuously trained and have many years of experience in the forestry industry to always find the best solutions for you. However, it is not only the new ideas that are important to us, we also always welcome feedback on how satisfied you are with our machines and what we can improve.

2. Product

/-improvement / customized constructions
Our strength lies in the fact that we have a great deal of internal know-how in the main areas of

  • mechanical engineering
  • hydraulics & control technology
  • electronics (hardware/software)

This bundled knowledge makes it possible for us to build optimal solutions for our customers. However, the focus is not only on the development of new products, but we are also constantly striving to improve our products based on feedback.

3. Production

Another point that makes Konrad stand out is the modern and well-equipped production. Thanks to the various departments such as

  • purchasing
  • electronics
  • steel construction
  • mechanical processing
  • various assembly departments
  • etc.

we can produce almost everything in-house. Here we do not only attach importance to high quality, but also to the fact that our employees are offered a good workplace.

4. Final control

Each product is carefully checked and tested after production. Afterwards all necessary documents are prepared and made available.

5. Delivery

& training
Since forest harvesters are not simple products, we attach great importance to ensuring that everyone is sufficiently trained and that there are no mor uncertainties. The exact procedure for this training (on site/at the factory/both) can always be agreed individually with your sales consultant.

6. After Sale

For us, a real customer relationship begins with the delivery of a machine. Expecially after the purchase we are very interested in your satisfaction with our products and are always happy to receive feedback. We attach great importance to keep you informed about technical news and our service is there for you when a technical problem arises. In addition, our extensive spare parts warehouse always tries to have the apporpriate parts ready for you with long waiting times.

7. Sustainability

Our actions are based on the responsibility to bring ecological, economic and social aspects into a balanced euilibrium. For us, sustainability begins with the development of a machine, by designing energy-efficient machines and producing them with resource-saving use. Most of the electricity is generated by your own photovoltaic system and we also generate the heat from our own wood chip heating system, where partly unusable packaging materials can be reused. Waste seperation and waste avoidance are therefore a matter of course for us. In addition, we are happy to support our customers in the sale of used machines or try to recycle them in the best possible way.

Idea / customer request / feedback

Product development / improvement / customized constructions


Final control


After Sale