Ground Carriage PULLY


The ground carriage Pully is characterized by short assembly
times, possibility of use in swamps, a broad spectrum of use,
terrain independence and simple handling.

Transport & Montage

Pully in Combination with a Harvester

The Harvester fells the timber, and loads it at the same time on to the ground carriage Pully. The machine is unloaded at the forest road from a second operator. The ground carriage is driving between the loading and unloading points in the automatic modus. The Pully is transported with the truck with the crane, on which also the winch for the cable is fitted.

Advantages of PULLY

  • Short rigging time
  • No fitting of supports
  • Independent in the terrain
  • Low cable tension
  • Possible use in swamps
  • All remote controlled
  • No special knowledge required
  • High loading capacity
  • Automatic distance drive
  • Broad spectrum of use


Technical Data

Cable D 18 mm
Engine IVECO 140 HP
Weight 3.950 kg
Driving speed 3 m / sec
Necessary tension 50 - 80 kN
Carriage / remote control KONRAD