The head for thinning work


The harvester head Woody is optimized for combined application harvesting and processing, but is widley used as pure harvester head as well.

Max. grapple opening 750 mm
Delimbing Diameter 4 – 40 cm
Delimb feed strength 18 kN
Weight 500 kg ¹)

The head for thinning work with grapple function

The tiltable feeding unit is the unique feature of the KONRAD-harvester heads and completes the family in the first thinning segment. If mounted on a compact excavator or KONRAD thinning harvester – WH40 always has proven its quality.

The feed rollers of the 2-wheel drive always work in optimum position and maximize traction thanks to adaptive parallel bar. The automatic knife pressure reduction in relation to diameter and tree species as well as the delimbing knives geometry maintain an excellent delimbing result. The sophisticated hydraulic system of WH40 is located almost entirely in the frame unit for easy access for maintenance work. Sensors always work precisely and deliver correct measurements to control system KTC.






Technical data

  WH40-1 WH40-2
Weight 500 kg ¹)570 kg
Recommended engine power at least 51 kW (70 PS)
Operating pressure 250 - 280 bar
Oil requirement 130 - 160 l/min
Rotator Indexator AV 4E I
Operating voltage 24 V
Control system KTC 1.0

Saw unit

Chain tensioner system manual
Chain speed 35 m/s
Length of the saw guide bar 590 mm
Max. cutting diameter 450 mm
Chain pitch .404"
Number of drive links 72

Feed unit

Feed 2 feed rollers
Max. feed force 18 kN
Feed speed 0 - 4 m/s
Max. feed roller opening 500 mm

Grapple unit

Delimbing tools 2x flexible 1x static
Delimbing diameter 40 - 400mm
Max. grapple opening 750 mm

1) Weight excl. rotator; hydraulic oil filled
2) Available in October 2020

Optional equipment: In addition to the standard equipment, a broad range of optional equipment is also available. Further information on standard and optional equipment can be obtained from your KONRAD distributor.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications and improvements.