A Quantum Step in Mobility and Flexibility.
The new innovation Highlander is a high-performance harvester for middle and strong sized timber.


In normal harvester terrain, the HIGHLANDER can move with special maneuverability. In steep and extremely diffi cult terrain, the machine reaches an enourmous terrain flexibility due to the syncronised step and drive movement. 

The HIGHLANDER offers more than the climbing ability of a trucked machine and the advantages of a wheel driven machine.

6 Advantages of the Highlander

Highlander Details
Highlander Details
  • Enormous terrain flexibility due to synchronised step and drive moment
  • High performance harvester with flexible operation possibilitiesFast driving on secured roads
  • Fast driving on secured roads
  • Endless turnable crane-cabin-unit
  • Safe and well arranged cabin
  • Optimum maneuverability due to four or six controlled and driven wheels