MOUNTY Remote control

The new handheld operating unit convinces by simple handling and operating, an ergonomic design and an impact resistant light body.

For a fast and safe installation, the following elements are controlled as standard over remote control:

  • Supports
  • Landing ramps
  • Tilt device
  • Guy line winches
  • Skyline winch
  • Skyline guidance/ winding
  • Strawline winch
  • Mainline winch
  • Cabin adjustment
  • Truck start/stop
  • Carriage start/stop
  • Winch in the carriage
  • Automatic distance control
  • Handing over function of remote
  • Horn

The following functions are possible over the LCD display:

  • Reading of operating data Revs, pressure, temperatures etc.
  • Changes and choices of frequencies
  • Adjustments for the carriage, speeds, ramps etc.
  • Use of the remote unit as transmitter