The operation

The operation

The operation

The wood is cut down by fellers and pulled to the combi-machine by the “whole tree method”, where it is delimbed cut to length and placed behind the truck on the forest road. The so piled up timber can be transported away by a truck.

Application method uphill


The radio controlled winch-carriage Liftliner benefits, because of its motorised lifting winch, which gives us a considerable relief for the staff and therefore faster work cycles.

Application method downhill with Woodliner


Because of the remote controlled self- driven carriage Woodliner it is possible to do a fast installation, without main and haul-back cable. And it is very easy to operate.


Application method downhill with Mounty U

Downhill (MOUNTY U)

The radio controlled carriage Liftliner is operated in the haul-back system. Because of the integrated lifting winch in the carriage, a simultaneous movement of the carriage on the skyline and pulling of logs is possible.