The compact yarding system


The KR40-2 is a self propelled, remote controlled skyline crane. The essential difference to the KM40-2 : the hydrostatic chaindrive system!

Pulling force 40 kN
Main line winch Ø 12/800 mm/m
Tower height 10,8 m
Leistung 212 kW

The compact yarding system

The KR40-2 is a remote controlled skyline crane which is mounted on a tandem trailer. The operation of the installation is remote controlled. To increase the productivity, an automatic drive function of the carriage is standard. Very comfortable is the rigging up of this installation.

All the functions can be operated by remote control. This installation connects a high grade of working safety with an outstanding productivity.

In terms of tractive force, performance data and variety of options, the KR40-2 is identical to its brother, the KM40-2.

Radio technology

For a quick installation and a safe handling, the following functions are controlled by remote:

  • Supports
  • Putting up the tower
  • Radio technology
  • Guyline drums
  • Skyline winch
  • Ram cylinder for tension part of drum
  • Guyline winch
  • Mainline winch
  • Carriage start/stop
  • Winch in carriage
  • Automatic drive function
  • Function transfer radio control
  • Horn

KR 40-2


KR 40-2

Technical data

General Information

Weight ca. 17000 kg ¹)
Transportmaße (L x W x H) 4,98 x 2,20 x 2,96 m
Tower height 10,8 m ¹) ²)
Control system KTC 1.0
Remote System KFS-16, KFS-20
Axiliary drive chain drive unit, radio controlled
Driving speed 0 - 4 km / h

Cable crane system

  Pulling forceCables
   StandardLong rope
Sky line winch 120 kNØ20mm / 600mØ22mm / 800m
Main line winch 40 kNØ12mm / 600mØ12mm / 800m
Guy line winch 9 kNØ18mm / 60mØ18mm / 70m
Straw line winch ³) 18 kNØ7mm / 1200mØ7mm / 1600m
Haul back line winch ³) 40 kNØ11mm / 1200mØ11mm / 1600m


  Stage III A (Tier 3) Stage III B (Tier 4i) Stage V
Motor type watercooled FPT 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine
Power (2200 U/min) 175 kW210 kW212 kW
Torque (1500 U/min) 1020 Nm1143 Nm1160 Nm
Total displacement 6,7 l
Diesel tank capacity 170 l

Hydraulic system

Cable crane pumps axial piston pump, closed oil circuit, pmax 460 bar
Power takeoff pump axial piston pump, open oil circuit, pmax 280 bar
Filling cap. hydraulic oil tank 160 l

1) Depending on the respective machine version
2) Version: 3-rope, with sky line discharger
3) Optional

Optional equipment: In addition to the standard equipment, a broad range of optional equipment is also available. Further information on standard and optional equipment can be obtained from your KONRAD distributor.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications and improvements.