MOUNTY mountain harvester


The mountain harvester MOUNTY, is a remote controlled cable winch unit, which is mounted on a Carrier truck.

Unbeatable Advantages

  • High performance at low machine costs
  • The innovative construction allows fast setting up and breaking down of lines
  • Low transfer costs of the machine
  • Comprehensive warranty with service by the manufacturer for the entire machine
  • Forest-friendly work practices
  • When working downhill the operator is protected by the wide tower
  • Ergonomic and save work place
  • The economic solution for steep slopes from one hand


The transition between two logging sites works directly, quickly and simply thanks to road registration. Similar approach follows the setup and teardown of the entire skyline.

MOUNTY advantages

The advantages of the MOUNTY are well known in the industry:

  • Compact design ensures a clean and tidy workplace at all times.
  • Large mast height due to rear mounting for more ground clearance in the rope route. This allows long tensions without rope saddle under favourable conditions.
  • Increased working area with perfect overview due to the special arrangement of crane unit and mast
  • Ergonomic, safe and comfortable crane cab with hydraulic cab door for fast cycles during unloading
  • Short set-up times for cable car installation thanks to innovative designs.
  • Low transfer costs make the MOUNTY economical to use even for small quantities.

Countless possibilities

The numerous options such as

  • Long rope version,
  • Mounting cable winch,
  • additional guy rope winches,
  • and counting

as well as customer-specific wishes make the MOUNTY so incredibly versatile.

All models of the MOUNTY are also available in a 3-rope version, which allows downhill and horizontal installation. Due to the special arrangement of crane unit and mast, the machine operator is always protected in the crane cab.

Different drive concepts and performance classes of the truck carrier vehicle are coupled with the machine control of the MOUNTY, making the machine extremely fuel-saving and efficient. The engine data of the truck are displayed on the tablet PC in the crane cab or on the handheld radio.

Remote Control

For a fast and safe installation, the following elements are controlled as standard over remote control

  • Supports
  • Landing ramps
  • Tilt device
  • Guy line winches
  • Skyline winch
  • Skyline guidance/winding
  • Strahlige winch
  • Cabin adjustment
  • Truck start/stop
  • Carriage start/stop
  • Winch in the carriage

KONRAD Forsttechnik

The operation with Mounty


The radio controlled winch carriage LIFTLINER benefits, because of its motorized lifting winch, which gives us a considerable relief for the staff and therefore faster work cycles.

Downhill with Liftliner

The radio controlled carriage LIFTLINER is operated in the haul-back system. Because of the integrated lifting winch in the carriage, a simultaneous movement of the carriage on the skyline and pulling of logs is possible.

Downhill with Woodliner

Because of the remote controlled self-driven carriage WOODLINER it is possible to do a fast installation, without main and haul-back cable.

KONRAD Forsttechnik

MOUNTY Modelle



Pulling force: 30 kN Tower height: 13,0 m

The MT30-2 is the ideal machine for thinning on steep slopes. Machine components such as the cable crane system or the loading crane are designed in such a way that mainly weak wood can be processed quickly and efficiently. The total weight in the standard version is less than 26 t. In terms of functionality and variety of options, the MT30-2 is in no way inferior to its big brothers.



Pulling force: 40 kN Tower height: 13,0 m

With the MT40-2 you meet all the requirements that you have to meet as a machine operator. From thinnings to heavy timber harvesting - the MT40-2 is the ideal companion. Ideally matched components ensure low fuel consumption and high production output.



Pulling force: 47 kN Tower height: 14,2 m

For all those who want more! The MT50-2, a cable crane system mounted on a 4-axle truck, was specially developed for long cable lines and strong timber on steep slopes. The high pulling power of the machine allows for larger payloads, which keeps productivity constant even with long rope lines.

MOUNTY mountain harvester

Technical data

General information

  Mounty MT30-2 Mounty MT40-2 Mounty MT50 -2
Carrier vehicle 2) Mercedes Arocs AK 3342 6x6 Mercedes Arocs AK 3342 6x6
Mercedes Arocs AK 4145 8x6
Mercedes Arocs AK 4145 8x6
Power 420 PS 1) 420 /450 PS 450 PS
Weight 26000 - 29000 kg ¹) 28000 - 32000 kg ¹) 31000 - 35000 kg ¹)
Transport dim. (L x B x H) 11,90 x 2,50 x 4,00 m ¹) 13,09 x 2,50 x 4,00 m ¹)
Tower height 13,0 m 1) 4) 14,2 m 1) 4)
Tilt angle +6,5°/-6,5°
Control system KTC 1.0
Remote system KFS-16, KFS-20
Harvester units W52, WH50-1, WH6, WH60-1

Cable crane system

  StandardLong ropeStandardLong ropeStandardLonge rope
Sky line winch Ø18mm/500mØ18mm/700mØ20mm/600mØ20mm/800mØ22mm/800mØ22mm/800m
Pulling force 100 kN 120 kN
Main line winch Ø11mm/500mØ11mm/700mØ12mm/650mØ11mm/800mØ12mm/700mØ12mm/800m
Pulling force 30 kN 40 kN 47 kN
Guy line winch Ø18mm/60mØ18mm/70mØ20mm/60mØ18mm/70mØ20mm/60mØ18mm/70m
Pulling force 9 kN
Straw line winch 3) Ø7mm/1000mØ7mm/1400mØ7mm/1200mØ7mm/1600mØ7mm/1400mØ7mm/1600m
Pulling force 18 kN
Haul back winch 3) Ø10mm/1100mØ10mm/1400mØ11mm/1200mØ11mm/1600mØ11mm/1400mØ11mm/1600m
Pulling force 30 kN 40 kN

Crane System

Crane type MT22 MT24
Crane lifting torque 200 kNm 220 kNm
Crane slewing torque 40 kNm
Slewing range 350°
Range 9,6 m 9,9 m

Hydraulic system

Cable crane pumps axial piston pump, closed oil circuit, pmax 460 bar
Working pump axial piston pump, open oil circuit, pmax 350 bar
Power takeoff pump axial piston pump, open oil circuit, pmax 100 bar
Filling cap. hydraulic oil tank 400 l

1) Depending on the respective machine version
2) Other carrier vehicles on request
3) Optional
4) Version: 3-rope, with sky line discharger

Optional equipment: In addition to the standard equipment, a broad range of optional equipment is also available. Further information on standard and optional equipment can be obtained from your KONRAD distributor.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications and improvements.