New standards in cable yarding


The innovation Woodliner brings enormous economic and operational advantages in comparison to conventional cable cranes.

Winch traction 30 kN
Sky line Ø 22 mm
Hoist rope Ø 11/85 mm/m
Weight 1.250 kg

Woodliner WL30-1

The self propelled WOODLINER is a remote controlled carriage, which allows an all-terrain-operation without main-, straw- or haul back line. To move on the skyline the WOODLINER uses two hydraulically driven pulleys, which are looped by the skyline. The shortfall of the pulling cable leads to increased safety and reduced installation time while ability to drive over supports remain. The WOODLINER was developed for uphill-, but especially for downhill- and horizontal operations and can be operated on any cable system. The intelligent hydraulic system allows lifting and lowering of load while driving on the skyline. The distanc automatic, high volume and strong hoist winge as well as minimum installation time and low operational costs have convinced our customer for years.

  • Minimum rigging times
  • Distance automatic
  • Low running costs
  • Strong pulling force
  • Haul in can be used while driving
  • High driving speed
  • Fully suitable in passing cable supports
  • Only 2 operators required


with Woodliner

Radio system

  • Remote control with display
  • Extremely light with high battery capacity
  • All the settings are possible on the remote control
  • Error diagnosis display of operating data of the diesel engine and hydraulic system on the display
  • Display of radio frequency and signal strength
  • Universal for all Konrad machines with KFS 16






technical Data

General information

Weight 1250 kg ¹)
Sky line diameter Ø22 mm
Operating voltage 12 V
Remote control system KFS-16, KFS-20

Diesel engine

Type designation VW TDI 2,0 - 455 MD, 4-cylinder-diesel engine with turbo and intercooler
Power 75 kW (bei 2700 U/min)
Torque 285 Nm (bei 1750 U/min)
Displacement 2,0 l
Diesel tank capacity 25 l

Drive unit

Drive motor 2x Radial piston motor
Driving speed 0 - 6 m/s


Drive motor Radial piston motor
Winch pulling force 21 kN (outermost layer)
33 kN (innermost layer)
Standard wire rope Ø11 mm / 85 m

Hydraulic system

Hydraulik oil pump Axial piston pump, closed oil circuit
Max. operating pressure (winch) 300 bar
Max. operating pressure (drive) 350 bar
Hydraulic oil specification HVLP 46
Hydraulic system filling capacity 37 l

1) Weight without resources; diesel tank empty

Optional equipment: In addition to the standard equipment, a broad range of optional equipment is also available. Further information on standard and optional equipment can be obtained from your KONRAD distributor.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications and improvements.