The powerful universaldevice


Experience, adapted to the needs of our customers, led to the development of the HB10-1.

Drive type 4x4
Power 212 kW
Pulling force 235 kN
Weight 19.700 kg ¹)

The powerful universal machine

Experience, adapted to the needs of our customers, led to the development of the

The HB10-1 was build for processing work on the Forest road as well as thinning and skidding work in this field. The off road maneuverability remains outstanding thanks to rear wheel level system and the typical Highlander steering capabilities. The endless rotation of cab-boom unit as well as the ergonomic cabin maintain enable fatigueproof work, clam bank make the HB10-1 to a complete and economic replacement for an excavator processor.




Technical data

General information

Typical operating weight 19700 kg ¹)
Control system KTC 1.0
Harvester units WH50-1, WH60-1


  Stage III A (Tier 3) Stage III B (Tier 4i) Stage V
Motor type watercooled FPT 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine
Power (2200 U/min) 175 kW210 kW212 kW
Torque (1500 U/min) 1020 Nm1143 Nm1160 Nm
Total displacement 6,7 l
Diesel tank capacity 340 l

Crane system

Crane type HL24
Crane lifting torque 240 kNm
Slewing range 360° (endlos)
Range 10,8 m
Slewing torque 44 kNm


  Front axle Rear axle
Drive Axial piston motor with gearbox
Brake system Multiple-disc brake
Type of steering Front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel and crab steering
Steering system Articulated steeringSingle-wheel steering
Steering angle ²) +27° / -27°
Standard tyres 710 / 70 R34
Pulling force 235 kN
Speed 18 km/h
Axle track 2240 mm
Ground clearance 700 mm

Hydraulic system

Dive pumps axial piston pump, closed oil circuit, pmax 450 bar
Working pumps axial piston pump, open oil circuit, pmax 350 bar
Power takeoff pump axial piston pump, open oil circuit, pmax 350 bar
Filling capacity hydraulik oil tank 250 l


Rigging winch RW90-1 max. 80 kN pulling force (adjustable), Cable: Ø13mm / 120 m
Clam bunk with integrated quick-change system, adjustable pivot and swing brake,
ca. 2 m² loading area

1) Version: rigging winch inkl. cable, clam bunk, WH60-1, 1/2 tank filling, without chains
2) Without chains
3) Extension: 2500 mm

Optional equipment: In addition to the standard equipment, a broad range of optional equipment is also available. Further information on standard and optional equipment can be obtained from your KONRAD distributor.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications and improvements.